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Emily Richardson
Owner, Founder

I grew up around dogs and have always been a huge animal lover. In 2010 I sought out training for my newly adopted dog Zuni. He was a young, high energy, social guy that came to me as sweet as can be but with separation anxiety and minimal manners. My dream was to be able to have solid obedience and reliable off leash training so he could go on every adventure with me. After a few sessions, Zuni’s trainer called me a natural and offered me a job. Dog training was never something I’d even considered, but at the time I was halfway through a business degree in college still with no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Over the last 10 years, dog training has introduced me to so many amazing opportunities, people, dogs, places, and knowledge. I’ll forever be grateful to Zuni and Zuni’s trainer for unexpectedly launching me into this career. Without training I would have never known just how good of a dog Zuni was capable of being, and to this day one of my favorite parts of being a dog trainer is being able to see the potential in my client’s dogs that they do not even know is there. My goal is to never stop learning and seeking knowledge from others in the industry and to always be ABOVE THE STANDARD!


Heel Like a Champ Online Course 2022 (Canemo Dog)

Tarheel Canine Seminar 2022

Diabetic Alert Service Dog Training Course 2022
(Service Dog Training School International)

Introduction to Training Service Dogs Online Course 2021
(Most Fine Canine)

Stateline Canine Seminar 2021

Professional Member of the International Association of Canine Professionals 2020

NePoPo® certified 2020

Service Dog Training School by Victoria Warfel 2020 (Heart & Soul Dog Training)

Joseph Cinnante Seminar 2020 (Advanced Canine Systems)

Hans Verbruggen Seminar 2019 (Hans Verbruggen Dogtraining)

Mondio Seminar by John Lugo 2018

Diamond Hansel Seminar 2018 (D&C Dog Training)

Frans Koster Seminar 2018

Gabor Szilasi Seminar 2017

Fred Hassen Seminar 2017 (Sit Means Sit Dog Training)

Lazaro Cabrera Seminar 2016 (Police Service Dogs, Inc)

Precision Obedience by Jersey Devil Working Dog Club 2016

On Set of Animal Planet’s Dogs 101 Series 2010-2011




dog walking

At Moors Pet Sitting  we understand that our Fur Childs’ parents are very busy, but we are here for you to make things a little easier! Instead of being pent up in the house for hours a day, we make sure your best friend gets the exercise and attention they need. Without proper exercise, a dog can be left with a lot of extra energy.  This energy can come out in the form of aggression, or even cause them to become anxious and tear up furniture. To keep your pups feeling happy and at their best, our most common service is mid-day daily walks while you are at work. However, we also offer pet sitting if you are away for longer periods and your dog needs extra visits and attention throughout the day.


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