Doggie Day Care


Moors Pet Sitting purpose is to provide a safe, fun play environment for your four-legged “kids.” Everything here was created with our own furry family members in mind.

We attend to the individual personalities of our canine guests while encouraging good habits through positive reinforcement.


Treat your dog to a day of fun and engagement in a safe, fully-supervised environment.  Our daycare visitors can’t wait to make new doggie friends, soak up lots of human attention, and run around in the air conditioning.




Our dog daycare program is designed to provide all the exercise and engagement dogs need to stay mentally and physically satisfied. Simply drop off your pet and go about your day—by the time you pick up, you’ll have an exercised, socialized, happy dog that’s ready to relax with you at home.

Many pet care professionals consider dog daycare the ideal environment for dogs to play away from home. Here are some of the reasons why.

Dogs need socialization with other dogs and humans in order to be their most confident, well-adjusted selves. Doggie daycare is an ideal place to meet friendly dogs of similar size in a totally supervised environment.

Exercise is key to a healthy & long canine life. Obesity is the most common medical condition in dogs, and many pet parents unfortunately don’t have the time to make sure their pet gets adequate exercise. That’s what we’re here for! While you go about your day, your dog can run and play as much as he wants in our fully-supervised, air-conditioned daycare.

For dogs as well as humans, a busy mind is a happy mind. Excessive barking, chewing the couch, digging up the yard… many of the most common bad habits can be avoided by providing your dog the mental engagement he craves.


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