Benefits of Hiring a Professional


  • EXPEND ENERGY Dog walks allow your dog to release built up energy, resulting in a calm and well-behaved dog.

  • EXCERISE Daily exercise is paramount in maintaining your pup at a healthy, ideal weight. An estimated 52.7% of dogs in the US are overweight or obese.* Studies show that 30-minute walks, 5 days a week will help keep your dog in shape.

  • CREATE AND CONTINUE A ROUTINE A dog walker can help create a routine for your pet, which becomes a stress reliever and limits the anxiety of being home alone. Your pet will learn to anticipate their walk routine, thus steering them away from boredom and the potential for destruction.

  • SOCIALIZING AND COMPANIONSHIP Dog walkers provide companionship to your dog when you are away from home. Social interaction provides mental and physical stimulation which leads to a happier and healthier pet.


  • LIFE HAPPENS Working late? Errands to run? With a dog walker, you won’t have to worry about rushing home to make sure your pup can go potty. Dog walking offers you peace of mind while you’re away from home and your pup will get all the exercise and attention they deserve.

  • RAIN OR SHINE A dog walker will be there rain or shine to make sure your pup can potty, and you can rest assure knowing that you (and your carpets) stay nice and dry.

  • NO MORE GUILT Owners can often feel guilty that their pup is home alone. Hiring a dog walker gives you the assurance that you are providing the best care and ethical practice for your pet.


  • PEACE OF MIND Rest easy knowing that you have an experienced, local pet care expert on your side and at your service. Feel secure and have peace of mind with the knowledge that we are eager and willing to handle any emergency that may arise while you are away.

  • FAMILIAR HOME ENVIRONMENT Your pet family remains comfortable in their home environment, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and scents. By being at home, you minimize your pet’s risk for anxiety, illness, or injury that may occur in an unfamiliar setting with unfamiliar animals.

  • DIET AND EXERCISE Diet & exercise remains routine and uninterrupted. Boarding facilities are often unable to accommodate pets with food allergies and aversions, specific dietary needs, or individualized feeding times. We offer a seamless continuation of your pet’s health and wellness regimen to ensure the greatest lifestyle stability.

  • MEDICATION DISTRIBUTION AND MONITORING Medication schedules are maintained and monitored by Jill’s Next Door.

  • CONVENIENCE AND GUILT FREE In choosing home pet care, you give yourself the gift of convenience. Rather than arranging additional transport of your pet(s) before or after your trip, you are able to spend your time preparing for your trip and returning home with reduced stress.

  • PERSONAL ATTENTION One on one, loving attention is given to each and every pet in your household. JND is experienced with all pet personalities, whether out-going or shy, those who crave attention, or pets who prefer to have their own space.

  • ROUTINE CHECK-INS WITH YOUR SITTER Check ins daily with GPS timed visits reports, phone calls, texts, pictures, and/or emails from your sitter to give you updates on your pet’s well-being and daily activities.

  • ALLEVIATE FRIENDS, FAMILY AND NEIGHBORS FROM PET CARE RESPONSIBILITY No need to impose on untrained/uncertified friends, neighbors or relatives to check on your pet family— who may forget or become too busy to provide attentive pet care.

  • CRIME WATCH Regular visits to your home while you are away by trusted caretakers may be a crime deterrent. JND will give your home a “lived in” look by bringing in mail and packages, alternate lights/blinds, and general activity to appear that your home is occupied while you are away.

  • HOME CARE EMERGENCIES Regular home visits allow us to quickly identify and respond to home emergencies. This includes leaks, weather-related issues, and broken air conditioning systems in heat waves. JND will jump into action to take the appropriate measures to alleviate unforeseen home issues.

  • HOME, HEALTHY, AND HAPPY Be greeted by your pet(s)n upon your return— well-exercised, happy, healthy and HOME!