What if I drop off in the Evening do I pay for the Whole day?

Since your Fur-Kid will be sleeping that night with us, you pay a full day the day you drop off.

Do I pay for a full day if I pick up in the Morning?

No, you only pay for a full day on the day of pick up if you are picking up after Noon.

Do I need to bring my own dog food?

Yes please, this way your Fur-kid does not get an upset stomach with a change on their diet.

What should I bring with my Fur-Kid?

Please bring their pet bed or a blanket as this will help them with their transition (they smell like home!). Their regular food, treats, and any specific toys they like. Pee-pads, diapers, male-wraps, etc if needed.

Can you send me pictures of my Fur-Kid?

But of course! We even Face-time some of our Fur-Kid parents…just let us know what method you would like to receive pictures (text, whatsapp, snapchat, instagram, etc) and how often.

When I come to pick up my Fur-Kid, can you give them a bath prior to my arrival?

Sure thing! For our Dogs staying 3 night or more we will give your dog a complimentary exit bath. If less than 3 days, the charge is just $10 per dog.

What steps do you take to avoid fleas/ticks?

We require all dogs and cats to have up-to-date flea treatment. We use a flea comb on your Fur-Kid within 10 mins of drop off, and if fleas are found, we give you an option to have us treat them with a flea bath (extra charge), or you can bring meds to us to administer.

We also flea-bomb our home 2x/month and spray our yard with treatment every 30 days.

Do I need to bring my crate?

We have one crate of each size (small, medium, and large), but if you prefer to bring your own, that is not a problem. If you want your dog to use ours, please give us a heads-up, so that if we have multiple dogs, we can make sure it’s not already in use.

I don’t believe in crates, and my dog has never used one, they are fine being left alone to wander is that a problem?

No problem at all! We pride ourselves in mirroring what you do at home…this reduces anxiety and stress for your Fur-Kid and that is our #1 goal!

I saw in your pictures that you care for cats as well as dogs. My dog hates cats, will this be an issue?

We are very fortunate to have two beautiful guest rooms with an attached Jack-and-Jill bathroom, allowing our kitties ample dog-free space if our canine friends see them as a tasty treat rather than friends.

My dog has diabetes, and needs injections of insulin 2x a day? Do you know how to administer insulin?

Yes, we have many clients who have Fur-kids with special needs. Both of us have given a variety of injectable medications. We would like you to show us when you drop off exactly you administer the meds so we can lessen any stress with your Fur-Kid. We take a video of you demonstrating it, so we can mirror your technique exactly. Our own dog Lima Bean had 8 puppies several years ago, and Adina was trained by her vet how to give them their shots, which is how she initially got comfortable with it.

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dog walking

At Moors Pet Sitting  we understand that our Fur Childs’ parents are very busy, but we are here for you to make things a little easier! Instead of being pent up in the house for hours a day, we make sure your best friend gets the exercise and attention they need. Without proper exercise, a dog can be left with a lot of extra energy.  This energy can come out in the form of aggression, or even cause them to become anxious and tear up furniture. To keep your pups feeling happy and at their best, our most common service is mid-day daily walks while you are at work. However, we also offer pet sitting if you are away for longer periods and your dog needs extra visits and attention throughout the day.


Text or EMail us for more info

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