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We all love to walk our dogs, but unfortunately, our schedules don’t always make it convenient for us to take a stroll with our Fur-Child. That’s where Moors Pet Sitting comes in! Whether you’re a busy professional with crazy work hours, are recovering from surgery or an illness, our team of professional dog trainers will fill in. From early morning to midday or evening, we will work with your schedule. From power walks, to leisurely strolls, we’ll provide the physical activity your dog needs. If you’re in the Southern Palm Beach, let one of our loving dog walkers give your Fur-Child the exercise and care he needs!




First Day: Full Price (No Matter When Dropped Off)

Last Day: If Picked Up Before Noon): No Charge

If Picked Up After Noon: Full Day Charge.

Holiday’s: Easter, New Years, 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Christmas

PICK-UP/ DROP-OFF Service: $20 round trip (10 mile radius) *10+mile extra charge

Dog Walking
30 Min Walk

$ 20 - 40 Per Walk


$25-45 Depending how far out you live

Cat Care

$15-30 Per Visit

House Sitting

$70-90 per Day

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At Moors Pet Sitting  we understand that our Fur Childs’ parents are very busy, but we are here for you to make things a little easier! Instead of being pent up in the house for hours a day, we make sure your best friend gets the exercise and attention they need. Without proper exercise, a dog can be left with a lot of extra energy.  This energy can come out in the form of aggression, or even cause them to become anxious and tear up furniture. To keep your pups feeling happy and at their best, our most common service is mid-day daily walks while you are at work. However, we also offer pet sitting if you are away for longer periods and your dog needs extra visits and attention throughout the day.


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