Toads and Dogs

The Cane Toad, commonly known as the Bufo Toad is an invasive, nonnative species and extremely poisonous. The Cane Toad, are more prevalent in the summer in Florida and can be deadly to your dog. Toads are most active after rainfall, dawn, dusk or nighttime so dog owners The toxins can cause dogs to foam at the mouth, vomit and show signs of distress such as pawing at the mouth and eyes. “Dog owners […]

Dog Food Recalls 2023: What Dog Food Is On Recall Right Now? [UPDATED]

The latest dog food to be recalled is from Nestlé Purina PetCare. Purina announced a voluntary recall of its Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets El Elemental dry dog food for dogs with food sensitivities. The recall is due to potentially elevated levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs; however, ingestion of elevated levels can lead to health issues depending on the level of vitamin D and the length of exposure.  […]

10 amazing facts about dogs

2. Some have such good noses they can sniff out medical problems Yup, medical detection dogs are a thing. Because their sense of smell is so great, some dogs can be trained to sniff out medical conditions. They are used to diagnose a particular condition or to alert their owners if they need more medication. Some are even being trained to sniff out Covid-19! One of these incredible dogs is Medical Detection Dog Pal (pictured […]

10 Things Your Veterinarian Wants You to Know About Dogs

L Throughout our own lives, we learn the basics of human health and wellness – maintain a healthy weight, brush our teeth, wash our hands, etc. But, did you know there are basics of dog health and wellness, too? If your veterinarian could give you 10 bits of advice for helping your dog live the longest, healthiest life possible, here’s what they’d say: 1. Annual wellness exams are really important! Many pet parents are guilty […]

7 Things to Consider Before Getting Your First Family Pet

Getting your first family pet is a huge moment for everyone. You’re expanding the family and taking on another living being under your roof. With another life involved, however, you should take time to figure out if a family pet is indeed a good decision. There are many things that first-time pet owners fail to consider when they adopt a dog or cat. As a result, the shock of how difficult taking care of a […]